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Hendrik Jan Muller

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. During my youth I lived in Chile for 3 years. In Holland for some years in the western part but mostly in Groningen City. In between, for 20 years, I lived in Breede on the Hogeland North of Groningen and close to the coastal region. During my studies in biology I lived in Suriname for half a year. After my masters I studied at the Minerva art school from 1992 till 1998 and since then I am working as a painter. A part of the year I am living and working in the north of Scandinavia. I’ve got two sons Jeroen and Josse from Harriët and are sharing my live now with Annie who has two sons too, Liewe and Anne.

During the 20 years I lived on the Hogeland I got inspired by the polder and wadden landscapes of Groningen. In my work I try to find what is for me the essence of painting: catching the light. Mainly where it comes to live on the edges of light and shadows. These shadows are also filled with light because of the numerous reflections around. The making of a work is an endless simplification of this spectacle.

Returning themes in my work are the creating and destroying powers of humans and nature.

In landscapes I can find space and freedom. Sometimes lonely, sometimes only quiet. Since I returned to the city I am more focused at the intimacy and complexity of it.

The last years I also live in the north of Zweden, during winter and summer some months of the year. There and on the coastal parts of Norway I also find new inspiration.

My studio is now located at the Noorderhaven in Groningen. Call me for a visit 0031681027424.

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